Indie Ambient Sci​-​Fi Pop

by HakanStone

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Indie Ambient Sci-Fi Pop is a genre-traversing double concept album telling a 12-hour "dying love" story, with observations on space, time and the human condition, over 2 CDs (19 tracks) of tunes.


released June 20, 2011



all rights reserved


HakanStone London, UK

Producer/virtual band from London, UK.

HakanStone dreams of being a 21st century inter-galactic royalty enforcer, travelling the universe in his silver spaceship ("The Paragon of Virtue") with his companion, Erik the Elk, making sure that all music-makers get paid... ... more

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Track Name: Late Call (feat. K Sharp)
late call friends call good times had by all in this place strange voice smoke filled slow burn who could leave this place
Track Name: Impressions (feat. K Sharp)
impressions the man on the train is following me again colours faces in the rain i see again concretes hard and i need softness no focus living haze ive got nothing on my mind today been turned around around around ive got nothing in my words to say been turned around around around sounds and echoes through the streets press on me figures pass me by relentlessly footsteps behind approaching me or is it all a helpless fantasy
Track Name: Fear (feat. K Sharp)
is there something in the air tonight lets call it fear walk towards a door it simply disappears what is this space there is something in the air tonight and it is fear you were standing over there and now youre here survey the scenes that bring reality to life i know im dreaming an existence survey the scenes that bring reality to life i know im dreaming in this room theres something of an atmosphere but are you there and am i really here as another room appears black holes inside no guiding hand to help us on our way apocalyptic views they scare you but its all the same to me is there something in the air tonight it is fea
Track Name: Dance With Me (feat. VHF)
saw a look in your eye that i didnt understand at all flashing lights cast your picture on the wall shadows meet our shadows met i move up find you close behind me but is it chance we turn our heads lightly a look a casual glance see you see me see you see you see me see you see me see you see you see me see you see me see you see me see you see me see you see me me me me me me and i caught your eye its you and me for a while you ask me to dance with you then look away was it me you spoke to did i really hear you say dance with me please dance with me take my hand ill follow where you lead just let me know its really me you need
Track Name: Lay Another Flower (feat. VHF)
i came to see you yesterday where were you oh where were you gone away gone away gone fishin lay another flower on the grave love forever on my hearts engrained you nearly broke my heart yesterday but what does it matter does it really matter anyway
Track Name: Trek (feat. K Sharp)
walking ever onwards to seas well never cross the sands that stretch before our eyes their ends beyond horizons seen no more figures loom from distance wearily they tread their faces turn towards us we can hear the things they say they say the losses are always more than the gains dont you know its always the same the losses are always more than the gains undeterred we walk forever ambition spurs us on warnings come at every step but expedition holds the doubts they raise well down rewards renowned are plenty in the fields of the promised land ambition is a mere illusion and the truth is close at hand the truth is
Track Name: States Of Mind (feat. K Sharp)
i suppose its just a state of mind as i stand here waiting in the falling light the claustrophobic atmosphere of london is leaving me with nothing to say suggestions of a scream from side streets collages made of concrete in the sky ideals of grandeur face degradations eyes collapsing hope of reasons to survive glass reflects the setting sun to millions individually marked they never look at me 9 to 5 they work for satisfaction 5 to 9 armageddons come to be explosions rock the bones in shredded ears manikins melt swiftly into haze orange faces spawned in the heat of fusion collapsing hope of reasons to survive
Track Name: Theatre Of The Blind (feat. K Sharp)
and i see your face on video and i hear your voice on radio and i see your face on a late show and i hear your voice in stereo youre playing to the theatre of the blind again youre left behind you dont seem to mind staring with vacant eyes theyre staring at you theyre staring at you theyre staring at you but you dont see them switch off the TV in my mind you left behind rearrange my day to see your face an object of taste in my life an audience on autopilot unlike you we have eyes sit here in the early hours of the morning high definition bridge of sighs
Track Name: Immobility
got myself in a bad scenario mojos nowhere to be seen out of the frying pan and into the fire its all gone pot for me now cant keep my self-control immobility cant stand the faith of love immobility cant face her face with mine immobility cant stop the march of time immobility im immobile helped myself to some forbidden fruit made myself a nice juicy choked myself on an apple core now its stuck in my throat
Track Name: Gaston (feat. VHF)
gaston says im a nice boy hes my friend hes my favourite toy hangs there on the back of the door until its time to play gaston are you coming out today is it any wonder im crazy about gaston hes the only person in the world i can rely on my mother hits me when i touch him there daddys away hes a millionaire
Track Name: Save My Soul (feat. Anthony Jackson Stubbs)
we walk in fields we feel the sea and sun the sand and air remembering days before we had to care a mark a stain a rip a tear scars of love all lost and now beyond repair and i get tired and i get lonely in this world wont you help me save my soul in many hours of sleep we dream we live elsewhere millions of miles of void and yet we are here to float in time and space would give us room to breath out in the cold outside the sphere
Track Name: Chains (feat. K Sharp)
take these chains and throw them out to sea i cant live like this you treated me wrong so many times and i loved you is this the way for years of loving you ah ah ah ah ah oh oh you took my chains and pulled them off of me now i live like this i gotta be strong to survive this time because i loved you this is how you pay me back for years of loving you
Track Name: Unclean (feat. Anthony Jackson Stubbs)
how did we ever come to this floating aimlessly at sea how can you ever mend this fragile land when your hands are made of glass unclean a world of hope turned into misery a voice sings out a simple plea find me please find me here take me somewhere warm and free a walk on water and there we see carbon footprints marking paths beneath we look for good in this humanity its all gone south riding on the breeze
Track Name: Spilt Milk (feat. VHF)
what am i to do i cant make any progress with you well i tried to change my style at least a hundred times to keep my hopes of luring you alive superficial cool guy but i saw you before your acting phase so take off that mask let them see your face youre a typical male and a typical males a waste no use crying over spilt milk now im packing my bag ill be away before the weekends through another man will come along hell say the same thing to keep his hopes of luring me alive where have you been all my life he will say ive been with others the same as you his reply will be of course that hes the man to show me something new
Track Name: Shred (feat. VHF)
exploded into light starburst crossed the sky spreading life into the night for all pulsars strobes and signs priests knelt down to pray druids watched the lay lines dreaming their time away it all goes round it all comes round it comes down to were going to shred anghor wat cambodia cholula mexico buddhas sitting in tibet stonehenge spacecraft probes and missions celestial displays universal fission its coming right our way
Track Name: Control (feat. K Sharp)
in haste we build for automation control controls the process ignoring all our reservations control control dictating forward marching this is progress control controlling nations dont go out at night where do we go from here dont go out at all where do we go from here wear a mask to walk in the park where do we go from here catch me before i fall where do we go a face the meter of depression control controlling thinking no smiles no jokes these institutions control controlling lives outside the streets merge in to greyness control control no progress
Track Name: Prayer (feat. Anthony Jackson Stubbs)
cant you hear the roar of distant thunder my voice is drowned out by this noise i cant feel the aching in my bones in this rain wash away the pain my eyes are fixed on desolate streets emptiness abounds in this fever i left you alone with your view of the street below this streets my home theres no answer to these prayers of mine in every letter that ive sent you ive tried so hard just to explain a month later they come back marked not known at this address its the only one i know help me find someone to love i sit here alone waiting for the call to come if itll come at all i tried so hard and i tried so hard but i should have tried much harder
Track Name: Surrender (feat. Anthony Jackson Stubbs)
contorted in a room i sit and waste my energy collecting stories on a dark and empty day in a separate world of newer scenes i hear a distinct call shes watching shes lying in wait a shadow on the wall will you always surrender when the strains get in the way will you be loving and tender if i always stay the same embracing through the night a party on the move everlasting love we said with nothing left to prove through a momentary lapse of care youre gone so far away i talked but never listened now the world has all turned grey
Track Name: Ten Pounds
ive got £10 in my pockets 5 miles to go looking out of the window at all these places i know ill take you where you want to go ill take you anywhere at all 5,000 miles of snow no earth in which to grow now im speeding over seas below home to your arms ill take you when you want to go ill take you any time at all